Boost Your Health with Phytonutrients

Feel alive and thrive with delicious phytonutrient-rich foods that, science suggests, may contribute to your better overall health. Natural compounds found in colorful vegetables, fruits and other edible plants, phytonutrients work in combination with fibers, vitamins and minerals for maximum protective impact.** And Phyto Active Foods can deliver them to you, filled with flavor and packed for convenience!

Sourced from trusted local farmers, our products reflect an array of colors and tastes – all derived from fresh vegetables and fruits. We preserve these popular foods in dehydrated form and retain their effectiveness with special recipes that nourish your body and tweak your taste buds. These healthy edibles, nurtured by nature and science, are then offered to you as nutritious meal additives or snacks.

Your busy, on-the-go lifestyle runs better on phytonutrient fuel, like that in these new Phyto Active Foods products, coming your way soon. We've developed them into a variety of forms – from chips and sticks, to flours, powders, jams and spices – so you can enjoy them as conveniently as possible. Our bright, colorful packaging presents the perfect delivery system and preserves the best of science and nature in every bite!

*   USDA Phytonutrient Research
** Oregon State Univ. Phytonutrient Research